Entity Wagering

The passage of Nevada Senate Bill 443 has made it legal for individual investors to pool their money in a sports betting investment fund that is professionally managed by an approved, in-state, Nevada agent.

Business Model

Although our models,  algorithms and funds management protocols are closely held proprietary assets, in simple terms we utilize data analytics to isolate high value sports investment opportunities on a daily basis.


Global Sports Fund represents an exciting investment concept for any investor seeking high yield earnings, complete transparency, easy access to funds, electronic monthly statements and a certified annual audit.

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Investor Overview

A minimum initial capital investment of $25,000 is required.  Investors will receive a 70% share of the gross profits generated by investment activities

Investor Benefits

  • Investors will receive an electronic monthly statement of their account.
  • Investors may withdraw their money at any time.
  • Global Sports Fund, LP will undergo an independent, certified annual audit
Global Sports Fund